Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Target Focus Training Review

Target Focus Training Review

This is an open and honest review of the Target Focus Training system of fighting. I am going to present to you both the pros and cons of this system. I have been involved in the fighting arts for over 20 years and have studied and trained in several different styles and disciplines. My mission has been to take the things that work from each one and use them to the greatest advantage. I have reviewed several martial arts and fighting systems and have found that most are way over-hyped. I am not easily convinced of the effectiveness of any system of fighting. If it is not practical and easy to apply in real life situations, then I have no use for it.

What is Target Focus Training?

Target Focus Training (TFT) is a system of fighting developed by Tim Larkin. He has taught the U.S. Navy Seal Teams and other special ops groups all over the world. Tim Larkin has also instructed Law Enforcement groups such as S.W.A.T. and many others. Mr. Larkin and his associates make some pretty bold claims about Target Focus Training including such things as, “You can learn it in one weekend”, in one of his many seminars that are held in different cities in the U. S. and all over the world. They also claim it is the only self defense system you'll ever need. They say that anyone regardless of age, size, speed, athletic ability or physical conditioning can use this to instantly injure a violent assailant and that you can even learn it in the privacy of your own home by watching the dvds that are available.

How Does Target Focus Training Work?

Tim Larkin says that Target Focus Training is based on principles, not techniques. This means that instead of spending years learning and remembering hundreds of techniques, all you have to do is remember a few principles and how and why they work and you'll be able to defend yourself in any situation. This supposedly is what makes TFT so easy to learn.

Target Focus Training works by targeting the central nervous system. The emphasis here is on “target”. TFT teaches you to focus on the vulnerable targets that connect to the central nervous system. The central nervous system is the same for every individual and therefore is always predictable. It always responds the same way when a target is struck and thereby you can accurately predict the response of your opponent and continue with other strikes until your opponent has been disabled.

The training also consists of the right way to strike a target and what parts of the hand and body to use. Striking a target in the wrong way with your hand or other body part could end up causing more damage to you than to your adversary.

Target Focus Training also gives you insight into the mind of violent criminals and why they usually have the advantage over the regular citizens they prey upon.

Does Target Focus Training Really Work?

So, does Target Focus Training really work and is it worth your time and money to give it a try? In a word, yes! Yes it really does work. It really is effective. It really does live up to its claims. As I said earlier, I am really skeptical when it comes to things like this and am not easily convinced of the effectiveness of any system.

I started out by purchasing the New York Seminar series on dvd and I have to tell you that when I started watching the instruction I was literally blown away. I quickly realized that all my martial arts training had not adequately prepared me for what happens in the real world of criminal violence.

After studying just this one dvd series, I now have confidence that I can protect my loved ones and myself during a violent criminal assault. This is more confidence than all my years of martial arts training gave me.

Below I have listed the pros and cons of Target Focus Training.

Target Focus Training-Pros

  • Very easy to learn. This is a principle-based system. You don't have to spend years and tons of money trying to memorize hundreds of techniques. You learn a few basic principles that can be applied to any violent confrontation. Techniques can be forgotten but you will always remember principles.
  • You will only be taught the things that work. And they work every time. No fluff here. The principles are practical, easy to learn and easy to apply.
  • Anyone can learn this. It doesn't matter about your age, size, speed or athletic ability.
  • You don't have to be in top physical condition. Many of the people who take this training are middle age and seniors. And most are not in the best physical conditioning.
  • It doesn't matter whether you're male or female. Women can learn this and be just as effective as men.
  • You can learn these principles in the privacy of your own home with the dvd packages that are available. Yes, you really can learn this at home. I was really skeptical about this until I purchased one of the dvd sets. Now that I've seen how easy it is, I am a believer.
  •  You can attend one of the many weekend seminars that are given throughout the year in different cities. 
  • This is a complete system. You will learn how to defend against weapons and multiple attackers as well as disabling one opponent without weapons.

Target Focus Training-Cons

  • The weekend seminars are a little pricey (but still a lot cheaper than attending regular classes at a traditional martial arts school).


I highly recommend Target Focus Training for those who want to be able to protect their loved ones and themselves from violent physical assault. At the end of this training you will be able to protect yourself and loved ones. And you will have the confidence to do so. You won't be afraid anymore.

Make no mistake, this training is for real! You will learn how to injure, disable and kill an attacker. You will know how to use extreme violence to injure and overcome your opponent when attacked.

If you have enjoyed this review and would like more information just click on Target Focus Training.